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Best Soundbar for Gaming

best soundbar for gaming

One of the most fundamental aspects of a gaming setup that is often overlooked is the sound. It’s a shame when you consider that good audio is such a huge part of gaming.

You have a few different options at your disposal when it comes to picking out the right sound source for your gaming.

Most gamers choose a pair of headphones which will keep the sound isolated and won’t annoy people around the house. But these can get restrictive over the course of longer sessions.

If you need quality sound that isn’t restricted to headphones, a soundbar is a convenient and compact option.

However, picking out the best soundbar for gaming can often be a challenge, as you won’t know how it sounds until you have your hands on it.

If you’re looking for the best soundbar for gaming, you’re in the right place, as we’re going to review six of the best options around in this article.

We’ve made sure to pick products that cover a variety of price ranges so that each of our readers can find something that suits them.

Best Soundbars

Razer Leviathan Soundbar

Razer Leviathan


  • Equipped with Dolby 5.1 surround sound for maximum immersion
  • aptX technology results in superior wireless fidelity
  • NFC technology makes it easier to pair it with your devices
  • Equipped with a 5.25” subwoofer coupled with full-range drivers and tweeters
  • Bluetooth 4.0 allows for wireless connections at up to 30 feet
  • Features a compact, space-saving design for maximum desk space
  • Comes equipped with pre-set equalizers for gaming, movies, music, and more

The first option on our list is the Razer Leviathan. Razer has traded compactness for superior performance to many of the other products on this list.

If you’re looking for a soundbar that can combine sleek looks with excellent audio performance, then you’ll be sure to love the Leviathan.

This model comes equipped with a couple of full-ranged drivers that are accompanied by two tweeters that handle the higher frequencies.

In addition, to give the soundbar good performance at the lower end of the spectrum, it comes equipped with a 5.25” downward-firing subwoofer that provides the bass you’re looking for.

This soundbar can connect to your devices using an aux cord, or it can be used with Bluetooth. This allows you to connect your smart devices to it.

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When pairing your devices with the soundbar is easy as it comes equipped with NFC technology. This means it will remember what you’ve connected to it previously.

Unlike other soundbars, this one features lower frequencies that are free of distortion thanks to its high-quality subwoofer.

It even comes installed with pre-set equalizer profiles for a wide range of media.

Whether you’re playing games or watching movies, this soundbar can handle it.

The only thing that we didn’t like about this soundbar is that it’s a little pricey. However, Razer are a good quality brand and the build quality makes it worth it.

Bose Solo 15 Series II Soundbar

Bose Solo 15 Series II


  • Features built-in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless use
  • Comes included with a universal remote for use with a TV
  • Features a dialogue mode that makes spoken words clearer
  • Designed to fit under your monitor; supports up to 75 lbs
  • Features speakers at each end of the soundbar for a complete audio profile
  • The remote features an adjustable bass setting for different media
  • A single cable makes it easy to set up

The Bose Solo 15 Series II is one of the most expensive soundbars on our list. Also, it isn’t purpose-built for gaming like some of the other choices.

Instead, this soundbar is designed for use with TVs, making it a perfect choice for gamers who are using an HTPC with a TV instead of a monitor.

To save as much space as possible, this soundbar features reinforced construction that allows it to support as much as 75 pounds. Therefore, you can place it underneath the biggest of TVs without any worries.

Furthermore, the soundbar also comes with a universal remote that allows you to adjust its settings from a distance. The remote also features a bass setting that allows you to switch between pre-sets easily.

This soundbar also features dialogue mode, which will make it easier to hear words that are spoken during movies and games without having to adjust the volume every time.

If you’re looking to connect to this soundbar wirelessly, it supports Bluetooth connectivity at up to 30 feet.

Setting up Solo 15 is also made simple by the single aux connection that it uses to interact with your TV or monitor.

The only thing that this soundbar lacked was enough gaming-oriented features, as it’s primarily designed for home theater use.

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar


  • Designed to fit under your monitor so that it takes up less space
  • Features the Aurora reactive lighting system for superior looks
  • Equipped with five drivers: two midbass, two high-excursion tweeters, and a subwoofer
  • Multi-core digital signal processor helps improve mid and high frequencies
  • Comes included with an IR remote control
  • Connects through aux, USB, or Bluetooth

The Sound BlasterX Katana from Creative is the mirror opposite of the previous soundbar from Bose, as this one is primarily intended from gamers.

If you’re looking to give your setup a little bit of a more appealing look. Then the Aurora reactive lighting system on this one will make it the best choice for you.

You can customize the RGBs on this soundbar with millions of colors. It also features the excellent audio performance that you would expect from a product in its price range.

You can fit this soundbar either underneath or behind your monitor, depending on your setup, though you’ll want it to be as visible as possible.

The BlasterX Katana comes equipped with five drivers that help provide a complete audio profile.

Two midbass drivers support the subwoofer and ensure adequate mid-range performance.

Up next, you’ll find two tweeters that handle the higher frequencies.

Finally, the subwoofer is responsible for the majority of the bass.

Thanks to the multi-core digital signal processor, this soundbar is capable of sounding a lot better than you would expect considering the small size of its drivers.

There is even an IR remote that comes included with it so that you can adjust it at a distance.

However, the only downside is that this is one of the most expensive models on this list.

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS 108


  • Features a slim and compact design to take up as little space as possible
  • Clear voice option allows you to improve dialogue clarity
  • Connects wirelessly through Bluetooth up to a max range of 30 feet
  • Features x Virtual 3D DTS
  • Bluetooth streaming to swap connection between two devices
  • Connects through aux, HDMI, or optical wires

The YAS-108 from Yamaha is one of the more compact options on our list. So, it’s the perfect choice for gamers who are using a gaming laptop or a small form factor PC on a smaller desk.

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Despite being more compact than a lot of the other soundbars, this model still features impressive performance.

This is one of the slimmest soundbars that comes equipped with built-in subwoofers, providing you with a lot more bass than you would expect from looking at it.

In addition, it can connect to smart devices through Bluetooth, making it more versatile than a soundbar that is strictly designed for gaming.

Thanks to Bluetooth streaming, you can seamlessly switch between two devices that you have connected.

Furthermore, it features the x Virtual 3D surround sound DTS. Which means that this soundbar can rival genuine surround sound systems when it comes to immersion and audio fidelity.

The clear voice setting helps ensure that you’re able to hear dialogue in movies with ease, and this soundbar is also surprisingly easy to set up.

All you have to do is connect it through HDMI, aux, or an optical connection.

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The only downside is that the audio range isn’t as full as on some of the larger soundbars that you have available.

VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch Soundbar



  • Capable of up to 100 dB with less than 1% distortion
  • Features Bluetooth functionality for instant wireless connection
  • Can be mounted to a wall or used on the tabletop
  • Features deep bass modules to improve low frequencies without a subwoofer
  • Equipped with two mid-range drivers for 2.0 stereo audio
  • DTS TruSurround accurately replicates surround sound
  • DTS TruVolume helps ensure that you can hear dialogue and sound effects equally

This soundbar from VIZIO is one of the most affordable options that you’ll find on this list. It’s also one of the most capable products in its price range.

The SB3820-C6 can play at up to 100 dB from 1 meter away while retaining less than 1% distortion. As a result, it is already far superior to a lot of similarly-priced soundbars.

While it only features stereo sound due to its two drivers, this soundbar can accurately replicate surround sound thanks to its DTS TruSurround.

Along with that, DTS TruVolume ensures that you won’t have any trouble hearing dialogue in your games or movies, as it tends to get drowned out if it isn’t accounted for.

This is also a versatile soundbar, as you can position it on your desk or mount it to a wall. Depending on how much space you have available.

The inclusion of a pair of deep bass modules helps provide resounding lows that will keep you immersed.

Unlike some of the other soundbars in its price range, this model comes equipped with Bluetooth so that you can connect to it with your phone or tablet.

One of the best parts of this product is that it’s much more affordable than the other options on this list, ranging between 25% and 50% of their price.

Sonos Beam Compact Soundbar



  • Compatible with Alexa, connects to the internet either wirelessly or through ethernet
  • Updates directly over the internet for consistent performance
  • Easy to set up through the Sonos app
  • Can be connected to separate speakers or a subwoofer
  • Features five amplifiers that help provide a richer sound profile
  • Can be placed on your desk or mounted on a wall
  • Connects through HDMI

The final product that we’re going to cover is the Sonos Beam, which is a little more unique than the other options.

This soundbar features Alexa integration so that you can implement it into your smart home, making it a lot more capable than most of the other products that you can pick from.

Of course, Alexa requires an active internet connection. So, this device can either connect to your home network through Wi-Fi or you can use the equipped ethernet port for better consistency.

In addition, the Sonos Beam features five drivers located around its edges that will provide it with a complete acoustic profile.

You can connect this to your devices through an HDMI ARC connection, and it can either be placed on your desk or you can mount it to a wall.

Thanks to its sleek design, this soundbar looks good, though its controls are still easily accessible, as there are touch-capable buttons along the upper surface.

Furthermore, the speech enhancement feature helps you hear dialogue more clearly, as with other high-end soundbars. And it also features a late-night mode so that you won’t wake everyone up.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is one of the most expensive soundbars on this list, as you would expect from its Alexa functionality.


Picking out the right soundbar for gaming isn’t a simple task. But it’s a lot easier when you know what you should be looking for.

We hope that this guide has made it easier to select the right soundbar for your needs.

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