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Best MMO Gaming Mouse

Best MMO mouse

The right gaming mouse can make a huge difference to your performance, and potentially give you a massive competitive advantage.

A good mouse will be fast and responsive, precise, and highly customizable. Sure, many of us like our gaming mice to have RGB lighting and to look the part, but what really counts is the sensitivity, the macro keys, and reliability.

This is particularly true of RPGs and MMOs, where the ability to quickly access tools and weapons from the click of a thumb can be the difference between life and death.

And of course, any game is going to benefit from having easily customizable extra keys, and an optical sensor that you can rely on not to stop working mid-game.

We’re going to take an in-depth look at the best MMO gaming mice, comparing some of the very best mice on the market.

These are mice that are either designed specifically for the genre, or that are particularly well suited to those sorts of games.

By the end, you’ll hopefully know which of these is the best MMO mouse for you.

Best MMO Mouse

1. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

20 Progammable Buttons

Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, is a gaming mouse made specifically for MMO gaming.

To that end, it has 20 programmable buttons on the side, each of which sits comfortably under the thumb for quick and easy access.

These buttons can be customized as you like, not only with macros and functions, but also RGB lighting.

In addition, the design of the mouse is excellent and certainly will appeal to a large number of gamers.

This is not highly stylized in the manner of some other gaming mice, which is to say that it isn’t covered in RGB but rather only features it on the buttons themselves.

Likewise, the rest of the design is fairly sleek, by-the-numbers, and inoffensive. This might be seen as a disappointment for some and a perk for others.

It is comfortable to use thanks to an ergonomic shape that feels natural to use. The buttons are apparently sculpted to reduce ‘click fatigue’, though there’s no fancy mechanical keyboard here.

In terms of accuracy, the Logitech G600 is quick and precise and uses a low-friction polytetrafluorethylene material for the feet, allowing it to glide across nearly any surface. It was reliable in our testing, but one consideration/drawback is that this cannot be used with a USB hub.

Given the entry-level price, this is a very reliable and customizable mouse that comes highly recommended.

2. Razer Naga Trinity

19 Progammable Buttons

Razer Naga Trinity

Razer is known for making gaming hardware of excellent quality, and the Razer Naga Trinity is no different.

The Trinity part of the name here, refers to the fact that the mouse actually has three different modes.

Each is accessible via modular components that can be attached and removed from the side of the mouse.

These include a regular two-click option, a full keypad, and a circular pad. Between the 2, 7, and 12 button configurations, you gain up to 19 fully programmable buttons.

While this might be seen as a gimmick, it’s also interesting to see a gamer swapping out set-ups on the fly when playing different titles or genres, or just getting some work done. So you can have an FPS mouse and MMO mouse in one unit with the Razer Trinity.

Accuracy and comfort here are absolutely top-notch, as is the overall design.

The accuracy is amazing at 16,000 DPI thanks to a 5G optical sensor, with 450IPS and 50G acceleration, and 1000Hz Ultrapolling.

It’s comfortable in the hand, and you can choose from over 16.8 million colors for the highlights thanks to Razer Chroma.

If this mouse had any shortcomings, they would be the price (you do pay a little extra for the brand and some other mice offer things like mechanical keys for less) and the rather in-your-face branding.

True Razer fans will not mind this though, and it is something that gaming mice are a little guilty of in general.

3. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB

12 Progammable Buttons

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB

CORSIAR has been making mice for an age, and here the company is trying its hand at a gaming peripheral – no pun intended.

The mouse comes with 12 mechanical keys which are of course, fully customizable.

Unlike the previous entry on this list, this mouse is also actually designed specifically for MMO gaming with all those convenient keys.

In addition, there are three predefined profiles too, which keep things nice and easy. Profiles you create can actually be saved onto the mouse itself too, which comes in handy while traveling.

The buttons are handily textured for easy access and this can also make it easier to find them when groping around blind!

Precision is once again fantastic with a 16,000DPI sensor, while the mouse is also extremely comfortable to hold. RGB lighting also looks great here, with the option to choose multiple different colors for different parts of the mouse.

4. ROCCAT ROC-11-900-AM Nyth

18 Progammable Buttons


The ROCCAt ROC 11-900-AM Nyth may not have the most badass or even memorable name, but it is nevertheless a premium, top-tier gaming mouse for MMO players.

Firstly it, looks the part with a few conservative RGB highlights, and a modular thumb zone which can once again be removed. You’re actually able to individually place the buttons within this zone. Thereby choosing precisely where you want them and how many you need.

The claim is that this mouse is a ‘chameleon’ that can easily be transformed from an MMO mouse, to an FPS controller.

What is really cool though, is that the Nyth is ‘optimized for 3D printing’. Therefore, it is designed so that you can easily print your own components and truly customize the mouse.

Of course, the question is whether most players will want to remove and reattach all their buttons every time.

There are also side grips, which can help you to keep hold of your mouse in a way that is comfortable and natural. The sides are particularly ergonomic, as is the entire design of the mouse in fact.

We were a little disappointed to find the relatively low precision here at 12000DPI. Especially given the price tag which is actually steeper than the Razer.

But with that said, if there are features you like here, you’re not going to find them anywhere else.

So, for some people, the ROCCAT Nyth will be the 3D-printable future-mouse they’re looking for.

5. SteelSeries Rival 500

15 Progammable Buttons

SteelSeries Rival 500

SteelSeries makes excellent keyboards, and its mice are no different.

This mouse claims to have the fastest and most ergonomic layout available. Although, we should definitely take marketing claims like these with a big pinch of salt.

Still, the ‘exclusive tactile alert’ definitely is somewhat unique – giving you an amount of haptic feedback so that you can ‘feel’ in game events.

Meanwhile, reinforced mouse buttons claim to be more resilient over time than their competitors, being good for over 30 million click switches!

Then there are the usual features we’ve come to expect from MMO/MOBA gaming mice: you get the usual programmable thumb pad, along with RGB lighting and top-notch 16,000 DPI sensitivity.

The design is somewhat restrained compared to some gaming mice. But still definitely has that ‘mean’ feeling that will work well with your battle station. And it’s ergonomic too – supporting different grips to suit your style of play – Palm, Claw, and Fingertip.

Overall, there is a lot to like with this mouse, from the button placement, to the unique features.

We’re not sure that it can really make the claim to being the ‘most ergonomic layout available’, but it sure is one of the best by a whole bunch of different yardsticks.

6. ROCCAT Tyon

14 Progammable Buttons


Another mouse from ROCCAT, but this time one that has a significantly more palatable asking price. Costing half the price of some of the other options on this list.

Despite that being the case though, the Tyon Black may not necessarily offer the best value for money.

For one, it only comes with 8,200DPI, which is fairly less precise than other mice on this list.

That is less of an issue for an MMO mouse as compared with an FPS mouse for instance, but it’s still a bit of a disappointment for the price.

Otherwise, things are fairly similar here.

You once again get programmable buttons, though one less than most at 14. It has a Fin Switch at the top which we like, and it has an ergonomic and comfortable design.

It also has a two level light system for customization. That’s considerably less versatile than full RGB of course, but whether or not that is an issue for you will likely depend on your own sensibilities.

Considering that this costs less than the Razer and other comparable phones, it’s not that this is a bad device. Most of the compromises here are things that a lot of users will be able to live with.

No, the problem is that when compared with the likes of the Logitech G600 MMO, it simply cannot do as much and still costs more.

7. Logitech G602

11 Progammable Buttons

Logitech G602

This Logitech mouse is another more affordable one, but whereas the ROCCAT was somewhat bulky and ultimately unadventurous in its stylings, this Logitech is one of the most stylized out there.

It uses a lot of smooth surfaces and contours, with a silver accent running around that has a very spacey feeling.

In addition, it has a grippy texture up top, and then a number of buttons along the side. However, they are arranged in a thin strip rather than the common square of numerical keys.

Another unique aspect here, is that the mouse is wireless – as only a few on this list have been so far. That’s always going to come with the slightest compromise, though it’s not as much of an issue for MMO players as it would be for other types of gamers.

The bigger issue may be the DPI, at 2,500 this is even lower than the Tyon Black. Again, this isn’t something that gamers absolutely demand from their mice when it comes to slow-paced RPGs, but it is still a definite downgrade.

The buttons are fully programmable though, and they are rated for up to 20 million clicks.

In closing, this is a mouse that has a nice design – and the wireless aspect will add to that for those with clean, minimal aesthetics on their desks.

Otherwise, it offers most of what you want, but with some obvious missing features and specs. Consider it on a sale.

8. Logitech G502 HERO

11 Progammable Buttons

Logitech G502

Back again, Logitch shows what it can do at just a slightly higher price point. And considering that this isn’t that much more expensive at all, it truly is a worthy upgrade.

This now jumps all the way back up to 16K sensitivity, wired. It comes with 11 customizable buttons, which isn’t as many as some, but has on-board memory for conveniently storing your profiles.

An adjustable weight system is also a very top-end feature that makes its way here despite the lower asking price. These allow you to add up to 3.6g of weight in order to change the responsiveness and the feel.

Programmable RGB lighting and LIGHTSYNC lets you choose from 16.8 colors. Or, have your mouse automatically match aspects of the game (such as a team color). In addition, the buttons use mechanical switches too.

Finally, the design is also right up there with the best with a very awesome armour-plated look. We also really like the triangular, plexus effect down one side.

This mouse is a mid-range offering that can do a lot of what the more expensive models can – and some things even they can’t!

The biggest drawback in this case is the lower number of customizable buttons, and the fact that those buttons are placed a little differently than most making it potentially a fiddle to find them in the heat of battle.

Whether that’s an issue for you will again depend on the kinds of games you’re playing and how you like to play them.

9. Redragon Impact RGB

19 Progammable Buttons

Redragon Impact RGB

This mouse is a programmable, weighted, and very precise wired mouse with 12,400 DPI. That’s not the best in class however, but for the price it manages to significantly outpace some of the comparable competition.

It also outdoes itself in terms of the button count, beating the more expensive options with its 19 programmable keys.

This is specifically designed for MMO players too, so those are numerical keys right where you’d want them.

Highly ergonomic, and with a lot of control over the precision, this is really a fantastic offering given the price. In fact, it is probably the best budget choice on this list. The only drawback is the slightly lower DPI, but most players won’t even notice.


12 Progammable Buttons


Finally, the CORSAIR M65 Pro is another mid-range mouse with MMO players in its sights. That means you get 12 customizable keys right by the thumb, along with textured key caps for easy locating and 8mm of travel for a satisfying click.

This works via a unique slider mechanism, which also helps to ensure the buttons are as easily accessible as possible.

It also sports a very sleek and rounded design, with a nice textured thumb pad right where the thumb naturally falls.

We really like the understated look here in fact. Though, despite looking great, we do worry that the yellow elements might not work as well with certain RGB set-ups.

At 12,000 DPI, the sensitivity isn’t the highest, but once again also isn’t the lowest. In short, this is a great all-rounder to round off our selection!

Final Thoughts

Any of these mice will serve you incredibly well as an MMO gamer: providing you with great precision and reliability (in almost all cases), and a highly customizable selection of buttons.

The rest is up to you to decide. What is your budget? How much do you like the gamer aesthetic? And which features can you live without?

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