The Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700K – Top i7-9700K Coolers

best CPU Cooler for i7 9700K

Intels latest 9th generation i7 processor, the i7-9700K, can create plenty of heat when working hard. Keeping the processor cool helps to optimize performance and prevent damage to your equipment.

But finding the best CPU cooler for the i7-9700K can depend on how hard you intend to push it.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of options available. Here are our top recommendations for your new CPU cooler for the i7 9700K.

At a Glance: The Top 5 CPU Coolers For The i7-9700K

For more compatible components with the 9th generation processor by intel, see our guide to the best motherboard for the i7-9700K.

Now let’s take a closer look at these CPU coolers.

Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700K

1. Cooler Master V8 GTS

Cooler Master V8 GTS

Cooler Master changes the game once again with their introduction of the “V8 GTS.”

This CPU cooler has an aggressive look that you would expect to find under the hood of a classic American muscle car – rather than the inside of your gaming rig.

The V8 GTS features a “vapor chamber” that spreads CPU heat eight times faster than other models. It disperses the heat evenly to its eight heat pipes, producing an unmatched cooling performance.

The triple tower heat sink and eight heat pipes feature dual high-airflow fans with aggressive-looking LED lights.

Users have the opportunity to adjust fan speed to limit noise and find the right balance between performance and sound.

The powerful fans benefit from Cooler Master’s 4th Generation Polyoxymethylene bearing for enhanced service life, with claims of up to 160,000 hours of operation.

2. CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i v2

CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i v2

This liquid CPU cooler offers excellent performance for overclocked CPUs.

The built-in Corsair iCUE that allows you to control performance and monitor temperatures while adjusting the LED lighting directly from your desktop.

This new software makes the Corsair stand out from other models due to its excellent level of user control and performance modifications.

The 240-millimeter radiator fits into casings with 240-mm fan mounts, with the SP120L fans delivering high-static pressure for direct mounting against the radiators.

In addition, the high-airflow from the fans allows you to keep overclocked processors cool in the most demanding situations.

Also, the H100i V2 comes with a closed-loop design and modular mounting brackets for easy, tool-free installation.

3. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler

Built for the new generation of processors, the Cooler Master 212 Evo provides well-balanced performance between low and high-speed operations.

The four direct contact heat pipes create the optimal surface for heat absorption due to the patented CDC – continuous direct contact technology.

Furthermore, the unique wave-shaped fans provide fantastic airflow to your system, with an AM4 bracket available from Cooler Master for installation.

The unit also supports a second optional 120-mm fan for enhanced performance.

While this model is not as aggressive or stylish as the “V8” model, it still provides outstanding performance for the most demanding processor setups.

4. Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT

Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT

Built with high-performance in mind – the Thermaltake Floe Triple ring offers superior cooling efficiency – and what a light show!

The water-block and pump keep the copper plates cool, and the six addressable LED’s offer 16.8-million colors!

Featuring a high-static pressure fan with 12-LED’s the RBG utilizes a hydraulic bearing and compression blades controlled by the patented RGB software.

The RBG software is where this CPU cooler really stands out from the pack. It allows you to monitor fan performance, adjust speeds, and play around with your lighting settings.

If you love flashy lights on your CPU, then the RGB unit allows you to change your lighting schemes directly from your desktop.

With adjustable fans speeds from “quiet mode” to “performance mode” – you keep the copper heat sink cool at all times, regardless of processor demands.

5. Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3

Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3

The NH-U series from Noctua has more awards in its category than any other range of CPU cooling systems.

It is the new benchmark for single tower coolers, with the TR4-SP3 featuring specific design for use with the new generation of Ryzen processors from AMD.

The 140-mm fans provide superior cooling performance, with automatic speed control. In addition, the SecuFirm2 mounting for TR4-SP3 allows you to offset the cooler toward the edge of the motherboard, increasing the clearance of the top PCIe slot.

Also, the unit includes Noctuas patented NT-H1 thermal compound for optimal heat absorption and dissipation under demanding operating conditions.



If you’re looking for a budget CPU cooler that offers excellent performance. Then the Deepcool Gammamax 400 is your ideal solution.

It comes with multiple mounting systems to suit AMD and Intel sockets, along with intelligent bracket design for quick installation.

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The four direct-contact heat pipes provide excellent cooling efficiency and heat transfer to the heatsink, with the PWM controller providing an outstanding balance between noise and airflow.

Featuring 120-mm fans for airflow, the additional fan clips on the front of the housing allow you to fit a second fan to create a pull/push cooling configuration with your fans.



This cooling unit comes with patented, award-winning TORX fan technology.

The combination fan blades provide excellent airflow to your computers CPU while remaining relatively silent during operation.

Featuring a nickel-plated copper plate – the conductive heatsink efficiently transfers the heat from the sink to the cooling pipes.

In addition, the fan brackets allow for dual mounting on either side of the cooler. This allows for a push/pull configuration to enhance cooling capacity.

The Core FROZR L supports all Intel and AMD plates, with an easy-to-use mounting system.

Furthermore, the CPU backplate design provides additional support to the unit and the motherboard, preventing damage during bumps or while traveling.

8. CORSAIR Hydro Series H60

CORSAIR Hydro Series H60

This liquid cooling system meets the current trend of providing liquid-coolers pre-filled straight out of the factory. Therefore, no additional maintenance of filling required.

The Hydro Series H60 from Corsair comes with copper base plates for optimal heat transfer to the heatsink, and a pre-applied thermal compound for hassle-free installation to your PC.

Furthermore, the modular design makes installation a snap, and the cooler is compatible with both AMD and Intel processors.

Featuring 120-mm fans – the Hydro Series H60 has custom-designed blades providing excellent static pressure to noise ratio, providing enhanced performance with less noise.

The efficiency of this system makes it comparable to more expensive models with multiple fan systems, and it meets the cooling needs of any serious gamer.

9. Thermaltake Water 3.0

Thermaltake Water 3

Anyone who’s looking for colorful cooling systems needs to take serious consideration of Thermaltake products.

While we’ve already discussed the flagship model, the Water 3.0 also offers excellent value for money.

It comes with an efficient design and a fantastic range of 250 colors to keep your computer looking attractive during operation.

The self-contained fan controller, switches between colors, with speed control available from your desktop.

In addition, the 120-mm radiator fans feature high-static pressure design with outstanding cooling performance.

Maintenance-free operation and easy, compact installation make it a good all-round CPU cooler. It also fits AMD and Intel processors, with cooler brackets for Ryzen Threadripper CPU boxes.

Featuring a copper base plate and reliable water pump, that decreases water loss through evaporation – meaning that there’s no need to refill your system.

10. DEEPCOOL Captain 360EX

DEEPCOOL Captain 360EX

We love Deepcool products – they are remarkably affordable and offer excellent performance, as well as unbeatable value for your money.

The Captain 360EX is the flagship CPU and GPU cooler from Deepcool, featuring a design that supports both AMD and Intel processors.

The best feature about this system is the patented coolant pump design with LED light. It provides a “breathing effect” of the circulating fluid through the glass tube.

In addition, the oversize copper plate offers superior heat absorption, with pre-applied mounting gel for trouble-free fitment.

The triple-bank of 120-mm fans keeps your CPU cool during the most demanding overclocking situations, with the fan blade design providing near-silent operation.

11. Be Quiet! BK019 Dark Rock Pro 3

be quiet! BK019 Dark Rock Pro 3

Be Quiet! release their top-performing CPU cooler with the launch of the BK109 Dark Rock Pro 3.

Dynamic-wave contoured cooling fins provide excellent convection efficiency and an increase in air circulation – without being noisy.

The seven high-performance copper cooling pipes with aluminum caps pull the coolant through the heatsink, and the 120-mm fans offer excellent airflow and cooling capacity.

Be Quiet! claim their system offers 250W TDP, providing low-temperatures, even at peak operating power.

Available with optional fan brackets for modulation, the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 allows you to add more fans to enhance the cooling capability of the system.

12. Alphacool Eisbaer 280 CPU Water Cooler

Alphacool Eisbaer 280 CPU Water Cooler

This modular system allows you to upgrade it to multiple fans to cool your CPU and GPU.

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This cooler is one of the few systems that require a manual refill of the cooling liquid – and we can’t say that we are impressed with this.  Especially, considering most coolers come with enclosed coolant systems.

However, when you look over this fact, the Alphacool Eisbaer 280 offers excellent functionality from its modular 120-mm fans and radiator.

The ceramic sockets disperse heat efficiently, while the low-noise pump remains quiet during intensive operation.

Compatible with AMD and Intel processors, and featuring a copper base plate for optimal heat absorption – the Alphacool is somewhat expensive for its features.

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