Hi Guys,

I have a strange issue, I unlocked a 3G 2.2 BB2.28 with yellowsnow 9.8 successfully & used it on Virgin UK, a week later my phone stopped making & receiving calls, I found out it had been blacklisted in error.
I contacted o2 UK & they unbarred it today, I checked with an o2 PAYG sim & can make & receive calls fine, with my Virgin sim inserted I get full signal in both 2G & 3G modes but i cant receive incoming calls (if you call the no. its as if the phone is switched off) & outgoing as soon as you hit call it says call ended.
I contacted Virgin to confirm my imei is not on their blacklist & they say it isnt.

I have restored 2.2, jailbroke with Quickpwn2.2.5, installed yellowsnow 9.8 & tried all the various activation methods but to no avail.

I also tried an Orange sim but I just get no service with that.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.