Ok Iphone in Oslo, Norway bound to Telenor, finally unlocked with yellowsn0w 9.5
Phone works, sms works, I cant get edge or 3G to work, but I never have, i think its a carrier issue.

So what I did:
Installed mobileterminal and sbsettings.
Installed Yellowsn0w (used Cydia)
Turned off 3g and wifi with Sbsettings.
Rebooted with SBsettings.
Used terminal:
yellowsn0w -r
yellowsn0w -c

(First time i tried in reverse order, then I got a busy reply after -c.
But after doing -r then -c, both came back with no errors.)

Then I turned airplane mode on and off.
Now something curious happend, instead of getting the 4 dots it started searching, and soon went to no service.

I then removed sim card, reinserted, and before i could turn airplane mode on and off my carrier started showing.

Happy day.

Thanks Dev team.