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Discuss Iphone 3G and yellowsn0w question at the Yellowsn0w (3G unlock) -; Sorry for the double post, I wasnt sure which forum this would go to since ...
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    Default Iphone 3G and yellowsn0w question

    Sorry for the double post, I wasnt sure which forum this would go to since it applies to yellowsn0w and quickpwn ;/

    8gb 3G firmware: 2.1 (5F136) Baseband:02.11.07
    I would like to jailbreak, and unlock the phone. To do so I know I need to update the baseband to 2.28 in order for it to work with Yellowsn0w 0.9.8.

    Here is my question, I would assume that I could use Quickpwn 225-2 and this guide: iClarified - iPhone - How to Jailbreak Your 2.x.x 3G iPhone Using QuickPwn (Windows) , use the iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw file and upgrade the firmware to 2.2. Would applying the 2.2 firmware listed above also upgrade the baseband to 2.28, or would it take it to 2.30, thus killing my ability to run Yellowsn0w on it for the unlock?

    I see on the iphone dev blog "#GOLDEN RULE: If you have a 3G iPhone running 2.2 firmware and you want to keep your ability to use yellowns0w (or the option to use it in the future) do NOT use QuickPwn, and do not use the official ipsw or the iTunes update process without using PwnageTool." I'm fine with staying on 2.2, and wouldn't use the official ipsw..rather I'd grab the one from the quickpwn link above, so I think I'd be safe? Am I missing anything, or totally not understanding something about the unlock/jailbreak? I've tried doing as much research as possible before coming here to ask the experts, and wanted to ensure I was on the right track. Any advice? Thanks!

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    Using firmware 2.2 will update your baseband to 2.28.00 NOT 2.30.03 - then use quickpwn 2.2.5-2

    DO NOT USE firmware 2.2.1 !!

    The golden rule simply said that if you want to use firmware 2.2.1 then use MUST use PwnageTool NOT QuickPwn. Using Pwnagetool with firmware 2.2.1 will prevent the baseband from being updated to 2.30.03. Using PwnageTool will create a "custom" firmware that you can use to restore your phone.

    I hope that helps.

    If you are not sure, please ask . Just don't do anything foolish.

    ps: I change the title of the thread for you.
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