I have a few burned out/stuck pixels on my iphone, but since it's jailbroken and unlocked (2G 8GB running 2.1) the "genius" at apple said he couldn't do anything about it. I'm running it on t-mo and haven't had any issues so far, but since they won't hook me up with it jailbroken, I'm wondering if I should virginize it. But I have some questions.

Can I just click restore in itunes? If so, can I just borrow my friends ATT sim and have it work, or do I have to activate it?

If I do have to activate it, is that possible to do without jailbreaking it and activating it?

If I left it jailbroken and activated it that way with an ATT sim, and deleted cydia, and installer, do you think he'd know it was jailbroken (if I left the regular boot logos?)

Do you guys have any suggestions?
They dude was totally ready to swap me out then he realized it was jailbroken and said he couldn't do anything with it. Any suggestions I'm sure will be helpful. Thanks!