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Discuss [Shuts down] sleep goes to power off = reset at the Winpwn -; OK the title was hard enough! What's happening is - 1/ I winpwnd to 1,1-2.0.1 ...
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    Default [Shuts down] sleep goes to power off = reset

    OK the title was hard enough!
    What's happening is -
    1/ I winpwnd to 1,1-2.0.1 and everything went smooth, used Cydia, activate, bootneuter, unlock, etc. Result was every time I left the phone in sleep mode for more than 10 seconds it would not waken with the home button and had to do a reset (both buttons for 10 secs). Everything working, making calls, appstore, youtube. Leave it to go into autoshutoff and bang, not response from home button or top button. Useless.
    2/ restore through iTunes to apple's original restore firmware. Can only use my O2 sim after activating through iTunes and it all works perfectly.
    Trouble is i need this unlocked, but something horrible is happening wih the pwnage.
    3/ tried Bigboss version of his winpwn file downloaded from his link and bang, same as part 1/ goes to sleep and requires a restore to start up every time...

    This phone worked fine with 1.1.4 but of course I want 2.0.1 and unlocked

    yes it is a version 1 phone and not 3G and no I am not using the wrong firmware, it is defo 1,1-2.0.1
    Is there anyone else having this problem with winpwn or is there something seriously wrong with this handset. Does anyone know how to stop this problem?

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    I think there's something actually wrong with your handset. My iPhone 1.1.4 OTB started acting that way (turning itself off after about 30secs into sleep). I got it jailbroken and unlocked (with ZiPhone i guess), but had always believed there was a problem with the device hardware from factory.

    Winpwn'd to 2.0.1 and still have the same problem.

    My solution, install Insomnia and activate it. When your device sleeps, processes running in background will prevent it from turning itself off.



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