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Discuss [Problem] [Solved] restoring custom winpwn firmware at the Winpwn -; Hiya folks - just a quick question that im hoping theres a simple answer for. ...
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    Default [Problem] [Solved] restoring custom winpwn firmware

    Hiya folks - just a quick question that im hoping theres a simple answer for.

    Ive got a 1st gen 8gb iphone here running v2.02 firmware.

    Ive followed the bigben tutorial to the letter and im getting some major issues.

    Basically everything goes according to plan, untill i try to restore the phone in itunes (both 7.7 and 8.0)... when i restore i get an unknown error (1600) and i cant progress. The phone then gets locked in DFU and i have to restore back to 2.02 to gain use of the phone again.

    ..well - i say use of the phone, im with Virgin mobile - so i have no use of the phone at all - but you know what i mean!!

    Im using vista 64 and when i try to restore using the custom firmware i get USB port errors pop up (the computer keeps making noises as if its just found the phone - and i get messages about using a 2.0 usb port - when i am!!)... yet when i restore to eithier 2.02 OR 2.1 i get no errors.....

    Ive tried using winpwn 2.5 to create custom firmware in both expert mode and basic and i still get the same issue when try to restore at the itunes stage.

    can anyone help shed any light on this?

    EDIT: managed to solve it - scrapped the idea of using winpwn because it was beating me - used Quickpwn instead and went through first time!

    If only i'd tried this last night instead of getting 2 hours sleep!! lol.
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