Okay, after a good eight hours trying to install the 2.0 firmware I finally got it to work.

I'm running Windows XP SP 3, iTunes 7.7 and had a 1.1.4 iPhone that I previously unlocked with Iplus 2 (there was no WinPwn available at that time). As I said, for eight hours I tried everything. Installing and reinstalling WinPwn, and and also trying to downgrade iTunes to 7.5 (which didn't work).

What I always wondered was this: doesn't WinPwn have to pwn my iPhone at some point. I followed all the instructions step by step but it didn't work. After a couple of hours I just wanted to see what happens when I pwn my iPhone to 1.1.4. So I did and - wow - there were a lot of other lines during the ipsw-build and I actually had to put my phone into Recovery Mode in order to get it pwned. Alright, so this worked and iTunes opened. Just for fun I selected the custom 2.0 firmware I previously created and WHAT THE FUCK it worked! I almost cried! It's awesome! Everything is alright now.

So, if you can't get this to work, try this:

- Build a 2.0 firmware using WinPwn.

- Pwn iTunes

- Don't restore your iPhone in iTunes

- Build a 1.1.4 firmware (I selected Cydia Installer from the sources so the program won't bitch about no installer software being selected)

- Pwn your phone

- Restore in iTunes but select the previously built custom 2.0 firmware

Please give some feedback on how this worked out for you. What I totally don't get is this: in ALL the instructions it said that it didn't matter whatsoever what state your iPhone is in before pwning it. Pwned, not pwned, OTB, unlocked, not unlocked, whatever. This seems to be bullshit. It seems like you HAVE to pwn your phone first with the above mentioned method.

Please comment on this! Maybe all the people having trouble with 1601 errors had previously unpwned phones and all the people who got this to work smoothly had their phones pwned before. This might be nonsense though! That's why I said please comment.