I got my iPhone already allegedly unlocked, it had access to everything but WiFi and would not recognize SIM cards. I would configure the WiFi settings but the applications would not recognize a working connection. The SIM card would simply not be detected(Claro from Brazil).

Believe me, I researched and tried all possible methods of unlocking, downgrading, modifying, tweaking... Every possible method known to us at this moment. Now I just noticed when using BootNeuter that it fails to patch the baseband under any configuration. I tried patching it in 1.1.4, 2.0 etc...

I'm wondering if this WiFi and SIM error could be the result of the previous unlocker interrupting BootNeuter? I know it is sometimes possible to recover so Im wondering if he managed to recover the baseband and restore some of the functionality but the SIM and WiFi was too corrupted to work.

Could that be the reason I cannot unlock my iPhone or access WiFi?