With the new ‘yrwp’-WordPress plugin, users can add applications or themes from within your blog to their Your Repository account without having to leave your blog.
You can also add applications or themes you’re writing about to your own repository, of which you can give the URL to your readers.

It works like this:
- When writing a post you can fill in which application you are writing about.
- If your post is about an application (or theme, or ebook) there will be an ‘Add this to YR!’ link under the post.
It’s easy like that!

Installing goes like this:
- Add the following code everywhere you want to show the ‘Add’ link:
<!-- Your Repository function starts here //-->
<span class="yr-link"> <?php 
$yr_postid = ob_get_contents();
<!-- Your Repository function ends here //-->
- Add the plugin by uploading the ‘yrwp’ folder to your ‘wp-content/plugin’ folder.
And that’s it!

You can get it from http://yourrepository.com/wp
If you have any questions, ask them here or mail me at wp@jeppeb.nl


Oh, you can find an example on my blog: http://jeppeb.acrb.nl/blog/