The new version of WebApp.Net has been released today. You can download it @ http://webapp.net.free.fr/


* ADDED: Aspen Simulator to device detection
* ADDED: auto back option for radio buttons
* ADDED: script execution
* ADDED: automatically set webapp height to perfectly fit the available space
* CHANGED: display default back button text with wa__radio layer and hide home button
* FIXED: simple jump layer (#_) in full screen mode
* FIXED: let the developer define an empty <title>
* FIXED: "Undefined Value" error after page refresh
* FIXED: error posting top form with keyboard search button
* FIXED: set correct title for wa__radio layer
* FIXED: firmware 2.0 automatically send a back request after playing a video - we go back to previous layer
* FIXED: WA.Player play always the same media after page refresh
* FIXED: identification of active layer when it is the home layer (for iList, ...)
* FIXED: unselect <li> when synchronous link is used (mailto, tel, ...)
* FIXED: no slide-in effect if no header (FadeItem didn't use callback function if object is undefined)
* FIXED: asynchronous tab content not showing up
* FIXED: selection state not reset properly with non-asynchronous links in list


* ADDED: form labels
* CHANGED: adjust buttons styles (<a> colors,...) to let developers use them out of the header
* CHANGED: improved list rendering
* FIXED: shadowed style applied to text box introduced in firmware 2.0
* FIXED: handle <title> with image in back button

WebApp.Net has been designed to mimic the actual iPhone and iPod Touch graphic user interface. It provides many powerful and easy to use items, based on javascript and cascading style sheets technologies, to help you designing great and must seen web applications for Apple's latest mobile devices.