Hey everyone.

So here is the deal. I couldn't get all my movies onto my iPhone so I decided to look into streaming. I was going to make my own but then I came across another one that pretty much did the job. It was for mac only but (luckily) I only use my MacBook.

So, I downloaded the package, updated it to support new things and tested it all out properly and this is what I ended up with!


Step 1.

Download and install xampp: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-macosx.html

Step 2.

In /Applications/xampp/htdocs/ place the iphone folder (from the attachment).

Step 3.

Open up terminal (Utilities > Terminal) and type the following commands:

chmod 755 ~/Music
ln -s "/Users/YOUR USERNAME HERE/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music" /Applications/xampp/htdocs/itunes
Replace YOUR USERNAME HERE with your mac username.

Now, go to: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/ and place index.php from the itunes (in the attachment) folder in there.
Run the xampp control panel and start Apache.
Find out your macs IP address (Network Preferences > Advanced > TCP/IP > IPv4 Address) and navigate (on your iPhone) to: http://yourmacsipaddress/iphone

Get listening!

Hint: If you don't have a WiFi access point and still want to stream, click the Airport icon at the top (on the menu bar) and click create new network. Give your network a name (and a password if you like) and click ok. On your iPhone, connect to the network you just made, find the IP of your mac (using above method) and use it like normal!

Thanks to the guy who made the original script! I don't know his name!


Attachment: http://www.scape-server.org/Stream.zip