Installed 10.6.2 on VB (windows7) - chose a 40G static disk, and 2 gigs ram.
Upgraded to 10.6.8 and installed xcode 3.2.6

After running for a few weeks, I realized 2 gigs wasnt enough, and bumped up to 4 gigs ( host computer has 8)

Now I have had some kernel panics while doing big xcode compiles (the reason i bumped to 4 megs was that xcode was filling up the 2 gigs ram during builds)

QUESTION, is the mess because I'm messing with the ram "behind the OS's back"?

I actually saved a snapshot after bumping to 4Gigs in VB - and after that the troubles started.
I'm wondering if I should do a clean install again - but starting with a 4G VB machine??