I just installed a Snow Leopard 10.5 using Vmware 7 on a ubuntu 10.04. Which worked fine with vmware tools. However I used the Apple software update to update to 10.6.2

and now when I try to boot I get a error telling me that "The CPU has been disabled by the host operating system. You will need to power off or reset at this point"

then a black box with reset instruction in different languages pops up. This happens at the silver apple loading screen.

If i start with -v i get the following verbose error:
failed to load extension org.netkas.fakesmc

I have tried setting the smc.present = "FALSE" but it didnt work.

I'm running on a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz (Dell Vostro 1710).

Any ideas about how to fix this?