I have recently tryed to install on my System:

Mobo: P6N-SLI
CPU: Intel Q6660
VGA: GForce 8800 GTX
RAM: 2*2GB
HDD 1 * IDE 160gb + 1 * SATA 1TB

iAtkOS S3 with SL 10.6.3

When i had choosen the drivers i would like to install and hit the install button everything just look like it should. But during the installation, precisely when it says 18 Minutes left and ~5% of the progressbar has filled, i get a Kernel Panic

And I don't know why that happens and what I should do against that. I have tryed it 6 Times, everytime with different drivers.
On this system I have installed ~one year ago iDeneb 1.6 and before that also Kalyway 10.5.6 (dont know if thats the right Leopard Number?) And everything (except LAN) worked on both systems- Also I had a TrippleBoot with OSX, Windows and Ubuntu. But now I cant pass the installation

Did someone has a idea what I should do to fix this problem ?
(Btw.: Excuse me my bad english )