I just got reason 5 software, it installed perfectly on my hackintosh, and at first it runs perfectly. Then after a little bit, the audio distorts and the program stops with an error that says "computer is too slow. Reconfigure your settings. " or equivalent to that.

I checked my CPU usage in the hardware monitor utility, and usage went sky high prior to the audio distorting. I went on the propellerhead forums and searched the error, and I did everything reccomended... (unchecking the multithread use, turning off cable animations, etc.) the most common thing though was low memory. But the OS sees 6GB, and my buddy uses a early model MacBook (white model) 2.4ghz core 2 duo, with 2GB memory. So I know it isn't a memory issue, nor a speed issue, because while gaming, geekbench, etc, mine wipes the floor.

All I can think of it's because the AMD ATHLON 64 x2 5600+ 2.8GHz doesn't have a couple SSE3 instructions the intel does, thus causing the crash in a processor hungry OSX (sse3 only). Basically I'm guessing it's using the sse3 emulator... But not sure how to confirm.

Its just STRANGE though, that Final Cut Express works perfectly, albeit slower than the studios Mac Pro (2009 model) (duh), but it gets the job done... Eventually.

Any thoughts?