I assembled my Hackintosh strictly by following a "recipe" (no technical know-how) and I love it. But when I was at my brother's house last weekend I spent some time on his iMac, and it was a lot faster than my machine. His machine is a Core 2 Duo at 3.06 GHz. My CPU is a Q9650, Core 2 Quad at 3.0 GHz. I also have more memory (8gb vs. 4gb).

I took a look at my system profiler, and in fact it shows that I have a 2.0GHz processor. I went into Bios and futzed around a bit, and it is now showing (in Bios) a 3.0GHz processor, but the profiler still shows 2.0GHz.

Is there a "recipe" for figuring this out? Am I really only getting 2.0GHz of zip out of my processor? Any help much appreciated. Knowing that my brother's machine is faster than mine is killing me! Thanks.