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Discuss Problems with 32 Bit and Getting SL to recognize my processer at the Using Snow Leopard -; Hey everyone, I have successfully installed SL on my rig again. I went back to ...
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    Question Problems with 32 Bit and Getting SL to recognize my processer

    Hey everyone,
    I have successfully installed SL on my rig again. I went back to Windows on this machine before I got a very cheap G5 from ebay. Turns out, I payed 60 bucks for a machine that worked 100% and just needed RAM. Well, that sadly just died and I went back to OS X on my Windows PC. It has a P6n SLI Platinum motherboard (NVidia Chipset) and a Core 2 Duo Processer with 4GB Ram. Other than that, I am using Apple peripherals such as the Apple Trackpad, Apple Mouse, Apple Keyboard. I am just listing those to rule out any problems they may cause. After I installed it this time, (using the exact kexts and bootloader from before) I need to boot into 32bit mode, using -legacy flag, and use verbose. I have never needed to do this before. The only thing that has changed in my setup since then would be an SSD, however, I pulled my original 500GB hard drive formatted as GUID and OS X Extended Journaled (HFS+) and when I install SL to it, it requires the same 32Bit mode. Since my original install, I have not touched my BIOS other than the clock and boot priority. So, after all this I want to install lion over SL. Thew installer for lion says I need a Core 2 Duo processer. I have a C2D in my PC right now but Apple's installer isn't detecting it. I tried editing the OSInstall.mpkg but it still says the same thing. I also tried editing other files like the SupportedBoards.plist found in the installer DMG /System/Library/CoreServices folder. My copy of Lion was purchased LEGALLY from Apple in the app store. I am not sure what to do, I have reinstalled 3 times. I also know I am on the same version of OS X (10.6.8) that I was when I was originally installed. I also know I am using the 100% right kexts. I have also tried the 64 bit version of MCDevil. It will not boot into SL then either, it still says AppleNForceATA: found 0 devices and hangs at Still Waiting for Root Device or sometimes it will hang at "Firewire could not detect security, defaulting to full secure" or something along those lines. I know I need a 64bit capable computer (which I have), but I remember hearing that SL by default boots into the 32 bit kernel. Any help? Sorry for the LONG post, I wanted to keep it short. (This is the short version) Thanks so much!

    I have tried MultiBeast and tried to modify my smbios to think I was on a C2D iMac and Mac Mini. Didn't do a thing.
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