Hi all....

i have a problem with my Parallels 5 and "BootCamp" / Windows 7.

Problem is that my Asus P5QL Pro - based SnowLeopard changes disks when booting up. I have 2 disks that are physically same, other one is HFS+ and the other is my "BootCamp" Windows 7. Parallels Support called it "Floating MountPoint" = i need to get fixed mount point for my disks !

When i start Parallels Desktop it sometimes tries to use the other WD Disk - not the Windows7 HDD.

This is my setup:

SSD 64Gb disk0 HSF+ (GUID)
HDD 1TB disk1 HSF+ (GUID)
HDD 500Gb disk2s1 HSF+ (GUID)
HDD 500Gb disk3s1 "System Reserved" / disk3s2 "Win7" NTFS (MBR)

Sometimes NTFS disk is set to disk 2. Then Parallels can't boot, because in BootCamp - settings the disk is set to disk3. And sometimes it mounts this disk as disk1 and disk3 is 1TB disk. Only fix mount is SSD where i boot from.

How can i make my Hackintosh mount always NTFS disk as disk3 ?

My setup is "almost" Vanilla; i use only 4 kexts.
(fakesmc / IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector in E/E and AttansicL1Ethernet and SleepEnabler in S/L/E). I use Chameleon 2 (Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 - Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r650 Build date: 2010-11-27 19:17:41) with Preferences Panel. It is the only one that allows me to boot 32bit Kernel because NAV for Mac does not yet work in 64bit kernel. It also enables QE/CI without any troubles.

Parallels support had one answer to fix this ; buy upgrade to Parallels 5 and make it 6 (50euros). I'm really a bit disappointed to that answer...

Can anyone help me with this ?