Probably the most unintelligent thing Ive done in years is to buy this new Mac Mini Server just hoping that Lion was actually working for pro audio applications... I will NEVER say that Macs "just work"... ever again.

So now that I have this thing and four versions in Apple still hasnt fixed the ability to create aggregate devices for pro audio applications, is there anyone here that can direct me to good step by step instructions on installing Snow Leopard (I have the disks) on the first hard drive where the Lion "safety partition" is? I saw an article on getting rid of this back up "safety Lion partition" section onto a thumb drive and then being able to install SLeopard. Cant find that article now. :/ Brand New Mac Mini Server Quad Core i7. Dont care if I dont have Thunderbolt abilities yet (HA! Apple squashed that one pretty quick didnt they!?) by the time the Belden Thunderbolt Dock comes out maybe Mountain Lion Cub 2 or whatever the hell it will be called in the fall comes out they will have fixed the aggregate device creation abilities.... one can only hope.

So I am using my Core 2 Duo 2008 Mac Book Pro for the rest of tracking this album. At least 10.6.8 will create a good aggregate device for my Metric Halo 2882s...

anyone? help me get the Mac Mini Quad Core i7 up and running 10.6.8??