Hey all,

Successfully installed 10.6.8 - Now the problem I run in to, is that initially, after installing 10.6, everything works fine out of the box, EXCEPT my video card. By that, I mean the resolution isn't set to the native 1920x1080, it's just set to the default 1024x768.

Now when I upgrade to 10.6.4 from 10.6, everything goes without a hitch. Upgrading past 10.6.4, Adobe flash seems to uninstall, but prior it's installed and working fine. Also, iTunes and a few more core apps crash instantly if I click them, no start up at all, just a crash report the instant I click the app. This happens after updating from 10.6. As I stated though, at 10.6 those apps and flash work fine.

If you know of what's causing this or a fix, please help me. It's driving me nuts! thanks.

Here is my hardware and my boot flags.

AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Black Edition
AMD Radeon HD 6850
Gigabyte 990X-UD3 Mobo
G.Skill 16GB DDR3 1600MHz

Boot options I use: -force64