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Discuss GTX 260 and 9800GTX+ freezes randomly, 7600GT works great at the Using Snow Leopard -; Hey guys, I decided to dual boot Mac OS X and Windows 7 in hopes ...
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    Default GTX 260 and 9800GTX+ freezes randomly, 7600GT works great

    Hey guys, I decided to dual boot Mac OS X and Windows 7 in hopes to use the Mac for editing and everyday stuff, while keeping Windows 7 for gaming. As far as the setup is concerned, dual booting works great.

    Now the problem...

    First off, I own a GTX 580. I realize that it is not supported under Snow Leopard 10.6.8. However, OS X Lion does have support. With that said, I also have an AMD X4 955. Long story short, I will need to wait until a Legacy Kernel is released for Lion before I do my ideal setup.

    With that said, I also have a GTX 260 and a 9800TX+ that I have laying around and I can use as a temp solution. The thing is no matter what method I've used it will randomly freeze to the point where I need to hold down the power button to reboot.

    I have used the GraphicsEnabler=y option for Chameleon (latest version) and it appears to work great. I get full QE support (menu bar is transparent and there is a ripple effect when adding a widget to the dashboard), max resolution and so on. OS X even recognizes the correct card under About My Mac. However, it will randomly freeze (usually you will see it flicker black, come back to the desktop and then it freezes). Nothing works and the only way is to power it down manually.

    I have used this method for both the GTX 260 and 9800GTX+. I have also tried the Nvidia and ATI enabler and again while everything works, it will also eventually freeze. I even tried this with Snow Leopard 10.6.7 and 10.6.8, doesn't make a difference. Finally, I have also set my system from 64bit to 32bit. It's always the same.

    The funny thing is I also have a 7600 GT and it works great. I've had my Hackintosh on for days, playing videos, editing in Final Cut Pro 7, using Garage Band all without a single freeze. While it's perfectly fine for my OS X needs, it doesn't help me with my gaming needs on the Windows side and unfortunately swapping cards defeats the purpose.

    Do you guys have any suggestions for this issue?
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