Hi there,
installed Snow Leopard vanilla in several sessions using the guides from How to Build a Hackintosh with Snow Leopard, Start to Finish - Hackintosh - Lifehacker. Several other drivers helped me perfectioning the HacBook.
All I am missing is better support for my ATI X1400 graphics card. Can anybody provide me with information about new drivers for that hardware? I recently found some info from Leopard users, but the mentioned files no longer exist in SL.
Actually I have resolution of 1400x1050 on a display that natively shows 1680x1050. But the worse is that neither I can see my CD covers in iTunes nor iWork, iPhoto or iVideo do work correctly ...
Someone told me this card is not supported, but maybe there are different opinions? - Btw - it's a laptop - so nogo for "take nvidia instead"
any hint would be appreciated!