hello there

I need some help to figure out what else I have to do to make my new cloned volume to boot by it self...

I have installed on a 250gb hard disk a 10.6.2 snow leo by hazard and I was desperate needing a bigger hard disk to place my system. So I read some forums and I follow the steps using carbon copy cloner I cloned the system to a 500gb hard drive. If I boot the machine with the old hard drive on slot 1 (as it always been there), windows 7 on slot 2 and the new cloned mac on slot 3, chamaleon works and give the option to boot on any of those, even on the new cloned mac. But if I try to boot only with the new cloned mac, it won't go, seems like everthing has been cloned except the chamaleon boot. the old hard drive has 163.78gb and the new one has 163.68gb, seems like 100mb is missing on the new one, and I try to look for it but just can't find.

Anyone could help me to get this new cloned hard disk booting the chamaleon?

thanx in advance