I purchased a dell inspirion mini 10 that already had osx running and I am not sure which version, maybe snow leopard. It has worked fine for about two months, but now when I try to boot up, the dell logo shows up with the blue status bar underneath. The bar turns completely blue and then the screen goes to the osx gray start up. The apple shows up and then the screen turns black with a symbol in the left top corner of the screen :\ (I think this is what the symbol is) the symbol flips around and the screen stays black. I would like to keep it a hackintosh, but I have very basic knowledge in this area. I am definitely not a tech genius, so if you are and have any advice (in very laymans terms) I would be very grateful!
I did try to go into "safe mode" and the gray screen shows up with the macintosh HD icon and an arrow pointing at it from underneath