Hi Guys, i set up my hackintosh around a month ago with everything working fine. The only thing really annoying is my CD drive will sometimes not open when pressing eject or it will take 15 min or so to open. Sometimes i need to reboot for it to work and even then it takes a few min. I know the cd drive is fine because it was working on my windows machine perfect.

I even try use disk utilities to eject the disk but it still does the same thing. The drive will make a small click noise but it wont eject.

when i do finally eject the drive, it works fine.

My Specs.

GA-EX58 UD5P X58 Intel Core i7 motherboard
Empire Boot loader
Core I7
6Gig Ram
Gigabyte Silent Cell 9600Gt 1Gig
Asus CD/DVD drive Sata
Burning software: Toast
Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Any ideas?