Okies I have an image file that I got here Working USB Boot Disk (Chameleon)
And with this thing I can boot my 10.6.1 image I have on my usb hd for my 1005HAB however if I install chameleon to my usb drive it gets stuck after a while I have tried to install chameleon (the newest version to the drive and it just gets stuck) I've even tried copying using NBI and well that boots fine from my internal HD and after I replace the extra folder with the one I got on another forum everything works, however I cannot get the thing to boot from the usb drive unless I use the above image. That image is a bit old and I know already it won't boot my drive if I install 10.6.3 (I get kp'ed) and well I got stuck CCC'ing back the 10.6.1 image so I need an updated bootloader that will work with 10.6.4 without getting me stuck. Anyone here know what I can do to make this work?
I.e. booting from usb with a 10.6.4 compatible bootloader so I can upgrade my usb install first and check it out a few times before upgrading my main HD?