Hello everybody,

I am not exactly sure if this board category is the right one for this question, but it seems to be. Otherwise please move.

Yeah, I just installed on my quite cheap notebook from the german store "one.de" the leo4all 4.1 and it works well (except the weird gigabyte wireless lan card, but another story and not very important).

At first the main specs:
Intel chipset
Intel core duo 2,2ghz
VIA S2 grapic chip
realtek audio card

The only problem is, that no usb port is working. Okay fine, I installed the ACPI 1.2 driver from leo4all as well. Luckily it works! But only until I reboot the machine. Then nothing happens, when I plug in a device. Also reinstalling the ACPI has not worked.

Does anybody have a hint or a suggestion? Would be very nice! Because I only wanted to be able to program iPhone Apps until I have the money to buy a real mac.

Thank you and greetings,