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Discuss Some websites, not loading at the Using Leopard -; Hay guys, im a new user, but had been a reader around infinit and here ...
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    Unhappy Some websites, not loading

    Hay guys, im a new user, but had been a reader around infinit and here since 10.5.2 kalyway had came out. So, just wanted to say A MAGNIFICENT JOB! Osx86 project is what made me go in the apple store and acctually buy a macbook, and than later an imac.

    Anyway, heres the first problem, in a few years and many osx86 systems, i couldn't solve or find a solution to on the net.

    Had installed osx86 kalyway 10.5.2 to a pc (that i had been using for a year) a gift for my gf for her birthday. updated a month ago (still leo). And my problem doesn't have anything to do with the update. since it started about a month after one.

    She has a home ethernet network, shared with 2 win pc's, and her mac. so in order to get trought the network, and to the net, i had to set the manual adress, dns, gateway and stuff. it was working fabulous. one day, it suddendly stopped. i thought it was isp, but no luck, the win computers were working just fine. than i noticed that my hackintosh could access to certain websites, but not to all.
    i can go to facebook, i cant play robot unicorn attack on facebook.
    i can go to youtube, i cant go to gmail.
    i can go to apple website or itunes store, but it reads only SOME text.
    even this forum, some things open normally, some pages do not.
    so i thought i must have damaged some settings. but NONE were tampered with. than i brought my macbook, COPIED all the settings from hackintosh, and it worked just fine on the same lan cable.
    checked hosts, no luck, i havent even tampered with them earlier.
    When a page cant be loaded, i get an error "Google chrome cannot find this page, or page cannot be found" tried safari, chrome, even downloaded firefox, all the same results.
    tried vmware win... everything works nice.
    so i stopped the black magic stuff, and turned to the community for a solution.
    i had found an information that changing MTU might help, since it vas automatic, tried 1400, 1492, 1500, 1450, 549, 72. nothing changed.
    i had searched the net for days, and not much found on that subject. a lot of people were complaining, but rarely anyone solved the problem.

    the last program i installed before sh*t happened, was skype. No unordinary programs on the computer. Msnmsg, adobe's, chrome, osx86tools, iwork, itunes, vlc, transmission.

    please can someone help me, it would be really shitty if i had to go trought the reinstalling process just to get the internet to work without me turning on vmware every time i want to connect. :/
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