I just started reading up and installing mac os x on my laptop but after I followed a few instructions from different forums, it seems that my laptop always restarts itself when I hit shutdown (started to occur before I upgraded to 10.5.8). I need help to fix this problem because it forces myself to force shutdown (manually holding the power button) and I don't think that is too good.


My laptop specs are as followed:

Dell Studio XPS 1640
Intel 9550 Duo Core 2.66GHz 6MB Cache
4G of ram
Ati Radeon HD 4670 1G (I know that there are no drivers for this)
Intel Wireless 5300 (If anyone knows drivers for this, let me know)

Below is what I did to install Mac osx 10.5.7 on my laptop.

I installed iATKOS Leopard OS v7 with this tutorial
uphuck.ggrn.de • View topic - iATKOS on Dell Studio XPS 1640 (at the bottom)

Kext/Installations Installed:

SATA drivers 1.5.0 build 294
Chipset ICH9-M AHCI
-Also deleted all ATI related (mainly names of files) kext in /system/library/extensions

Then changed resolution with

Then I upgraded to 10.5.8 with this tutorial:
How to Update Hackintosh (OSX86) from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8 | Update guides
This I installed:

-and used sx86tools_1.0.150 (details in that link)

So if anyone knows what I can do to fix the shutdown function from restarting, please help.