Hello out there!

I ran so often against the "apple software restriction wall", and now i got a headache .

What i want to do is the following thing: I want to rename the folder Downloads to downloads. Yes got it right "downloads" with lowercase.

Ofcourse rename it in Finder is not possible. Creating a folder called downloads, also not possible. Hmm k. I even tried to make a symbolic link via "ln -s" in terminal. And? Guess... right. Nothing. Command goes through with no error but there is no link.

Why doing all that? Good question. I realy like to use the mighty terminal with all its life simplifying shortcuts. The consequence is: Its complicated to type allways "cd Dow + Tab" minimum.
Ok, now you can say that I'm a lazy guy. But there must be a way, or not?

Is there a workaround out there? Or a hack to turn off some Apple introduced restricions, or as I call "apple software restriction walls" ?