Okay, I'm going to admit right away that I did not set up this computer. My brother did, and it was working wonderfully, until...

We wanted to record some records and cassettes onto the computer. So I plugged a cable into the in port on the back of the computer. The sound kinda came through. I only say this because about 20 minutes later, I lost sound. Completely.

Right now, I have some pretty loud music playing through iTunes, and it sounds like the kind of static you get between stations on the radio. And this is an improvement, as I just re-installed the AppleHDA kext. If I put my head close to the speakers, I can tell there's music of some sort playing....but it's REALLY distorted.

Yesterday, I updated the VoodooHDA kext...and that didn't help. I don't have ANY volume control...I get this weird static or nothing. That's it. Adjusting things all over the place does nothing, not even the Audio MIDI can help me here!

I'm a video editor and really need sound to work, guys. And I have no idea what to do. I know the speakers work, and I've jiggled the audio port with the speaker cord...nothing. Not even the headphone port works!

I'm running 10.5.8 on a Dell Inspiron 530. ANYTHING you guys can throw at me to try would help.