I have a problem from some time and have no clue how to fix it...
From few months now, I run a PC (Intel Core Duo, 4Gb, NVidia) installed with OSX - iDeneb, currently at 10.5.7 and recently installed the second HP printer and when I try to run an application "HP Utility", only when this 2nd printer is plugged in, I receive an error:
"Application Launch Failure"
The application could not be launched because of
a shared library error: <HP Toolbox><CarbonLib><>"

The main problem is that with few other applications I get the same error when I try to run them, where "...shared library error: <Application name><CarbonLib><>" the location is specific for that application and on all has this <CarbonLib>.
Could anyone advise please? How could I fix these errors and run the applications properly?