i installed iatkos 10.5.7 i while back and i'v been running it mostly without issues but when i tried running a flac track it started to sound laggy. ive managed to trace it to the cpu since it doesn't speed up over 724mhz. auto throttle off locks the cpu to 544mhz...
i tried to raise the clock via gcpupm but it doesn work. however i i start chess (computer vs computer) it jumps to 1.83ghz and runs fine but eats battery. is there a was to set the cpu clock to: battery 1ghz, normal 1.5ghz and performance 1.83ghz (since the cpu is recognized as a 1.83ghz instead of 2.0)?

specs (compal fl91/zepto 3215w)
3gb ddr2 667
80gb hdd

thanks in advance