Hello! Iīve already check a post on this subjec before as I have the same problem:

"I have a bunch of AVI files in my "Movies" folder. I can play them with QuickTime. (I have all the plug-ins necessary.

When I launch FrontRow on my Retail version of Leopard, I can see those movies in the Movies section, and I can see a still frame preview of the movie. However, when I try to play it, I see a black screen, and I don't hear sounds. The timeline moves though. And it seems like the timeline is correct.

Does anyone know what I need to do in order to view my AVI movies in Leopard's FrontRow?"

I follow these instructions and still doesnīt work:

Originally Posted by onto
I do using Perian and my frontrow is able to display almost all avi's.
I suggest u to give a try to it Its Here

BTW . Remove all other components expect flip4macOriginally
Iīve installed Perian and then also remove Flick4mac (as I understood I have to do this also). Now I can see .avi with subtitles in Quicktime but canīt do it in FrontRow.

So, does anyone know why it still doesnīt work?