Hi for all. Before i start writing my problem - please sorry for my English, i am from Czech Republic :-).

I have motherboard MSI P7N Zilent/Premium series.

1st problem is USB. I installed kexts for all devices and all is have normal function now (i dont tested E-Sata and COM port now). But very big problem is USB. If i connect something to USB, in About this MAC > More info > USB is normal detected. If i restart computer, the device have normal function. If i connect to USB the USB Hub, then restart PC i can connect something without reset and now all devices is OK - but only with USB hub, not directly without restart, Plug & Play.

2. Problem is my Sleep mode. If i click in the Apple to Sleep, the monitor is come black, but thats all.

3. If i starting computer, the bootloader at sometimes generating "kernel panic", "ACPI Error" or next errors. I must sometimes restarting computer at 5x while boot! :-(.

Thank all for all ansewers!