Hi Folks,

I have desperately been trying to get Snow running on my rig for the past 4 days by various means with absolutely no joy apart from installing directly to a second hard drive and patching with chameleon etc. Ran into a lot of issues and breks trying to get my Nvidia GT 240 running in anything better that 1024 x 768. I eventually did by editing the com.apple.boot.plist xml but it really did not fix issues such as quartz and indeed if the gpu was accesible... between it and the sound drivers the install repeatedly broke. It would not let me install multibeast without crashing.. and eventually multibeast wouldn't even launch any more so in the end I settled for iAtkos 10.5.7

I think I could probably lve with this until I have the money needed to replace the graphics chip in my imac which gave out on me in February. $300 doesn't seem like a lot to some people but to me its a heckuva lot right now... the $300 plus international shipping and tax...

I have come here really to ask how I can get the best out of either of my graphics cards with mt setup. Ideally I would like to have dual monitor support and multiple resolution choices if possible with either the GT 240 or GT 8600 (XFX the latter). As far as the sound goes I am running on azalea.kext for the moment but have no input device how do I fix that?

My setup is as follows..

mobo - Intel DP43TF with Q8200 2,33Ghz processor Core 2 Quad (x64)
onboard Realtek HD Audio (ALC888VC)
Intel Gigabit Ethernet (Working)
USB Support (Working)

I have an extra drive which I will enable time machine on tomorrow... and possibly look at an iAtkos 10,6,3 install later on this month when I can afford 2 or more DL discs. I bought 2 today which both ended up as toast as I cannot use my genuine retail install disk with wither Empire EFI or iBoot... installs keep crashing...

Hope someone can help

Thanks in advance