Hi, I've always had problems with the Hackintosh while copying large amounts of data from any source (internal drive or external drive). And even sometimes small amounts of data. By large amounts of data I mean 500 MB and up. By small I mean 100 MB and less. What would happen is that it would be copying the file(s) and then it would just stop and 5 seconds later the computer will completely freeze. However, my mouse will still be able to move and sometimes it will be the rainbow swirl (I call it the rainbow swirl of death, lol). I don't know if it's my hardware configuration or if a kext is being a douchebag but I really need to get this figured out soon as I'm starting to implement this hackintosh into my work (music and video editing). Surprisingly, everything except for the file copying is working better then a windows XP system. It is much faster overall and more reliable. I can't wait to get a real mac but I don't have enough money for it yet.

Thanks a lot guys!