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Discuss Unlocking iphone 3gs 4.2.1 baseband 5.15.04 at the Ultrasn0w (3G(S)/iPhone 4 unlock) -; Hello i just got a new iphone yesterday (sorry i am ignorant about these things ...
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    Default Unlocking iphone 3gs 4.2.1 baseband 5.15.04

    Hello i just got a new iphone yesterday (sorry i am ignorant about these things im a new apple user) but i would like to try to unlock this so i can use it when i go to india otherwise i will just return it... i googled all the differnt ways but i cant seem to find a legit way for my version and baseband...found some sites that charge 20 bucks to do it but i dunno if it will mess up my iphone...

    i dont know the process i read through the guides but didnt see whats for my baseband and version....i assume i need to jailbreak it first then unlock it...also is this stuff reversable with a factory reset? (incase i have to return it)

    do yall have any guides i can follow that are n00b friendly?

    appreciate yalls help
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    First and foremost, please search through the forum -- this question is asked at least once a day and the answer is always the same.

    1) The iPhone 3GS on 05.15.04 cannot be unlocked because the 05.15.04 baseband is not unlockable yet.
    2) You *CAN* use the "Last Ditch" iPad Baseband hack and upgrade your iPhone's baseband to the 06.15.00 baseband, but if you're running iOS 4.2.1, you'll have some problems with GPS and WiFi, and once you do it, you can *never* restore a stock firmware to your phone again and you can *never* restore it to a 'non-jailbroken, non-unlocked, factory-original' state, which means that anyone at the Apple store will know you've jailbroken and unlocked, and your warranty will be nullified. If you haven't figured out by the tone, this is *NOT* a recommended method. This can cause many problems that cannot be easily resolved. Once you upgrade to this baseband YOU CAN NOT GO BACK and you will have to accept any problems that occur until such time as a baseband revision higher than 06.15 is released for the iPhone (which will likely be a long time, if ever).

    If you absolutely need an unlock, it's possible to do, but unless it is life or death, you'd do well to hang out for just a minute until the next set of tools and unlocks are released... The upgrade to the iPad baseband is very hacky and will continue to cause you problems for many many months in the future....
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