hello, i'm a boy with an iphone 3gs, and some days ago i didn't know anything abot iphones and iOS, and right now i know few staffs but i need that you can answer my cuestions. I had to restore my iphone 3GS using iTunes with iOS 4.1 (8B117), then i used redsn0w to jailbreake and activate my iphone, but i didn't know the diference between activate and unlock, i really want to know few staff:
1- how can i unlock my phone offline, because i leave in Cuba, and i dont have internet in my home or in my phone, i can download any program (¿what program can i use?) and then use this program offline.
2- after i jailbroke and activate my iphone using redsn0w, ¿i can use ultrasn0w to unlock?
3- now i have the 5.14.02 Baseband, ¿How can I unlock this baseband?

I ask you for help because i have read pages and pages of tutorials and manuals, but everybody said diferents things, and nobody said how can do this offline, i really apreciate your help. Im waiting for your answer.