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Discuss Unable to browse 3.1.3 ultrasn0w.1-1 05.12.01 at the Ultrasn0w (3G(S)/iPhone 4 unlock) -; I had carrier A (Rogers in Canada) and just transfered my number to carrier B ...
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    Default Unable to browse 3.1.3 ultrasn0w.1-1 05.12.01

    I had carrier A (Rogers in Canada) and just transfered my number to carrier B (Bell Aliant in Canada)

    Reset phone to factory defaults using restore mode with B SIM and phone stayed in restore mode and itunes said it could not connect.

    Installed SIM card A and was able to restore previous contact list.

    It said it was trying to activate phone but this could take a while and no service.

    installed ultrasn0w and installed SIM B

    I can send/receive texts, call and receive calls, browse through WIFI but not through the 3g. I receive message informing me my cell doesn't have this plan. It does have 500mb/month and my voice-mail calls a number asking me for my password. (should have iphone visual voice-mail because i signed up to this plan).

    Contacted bell and they provided me a password to activate my visual voicemail. Attempted saving a custom greeting, but it just stays at saving greeting for over 5 minutes. Same thing with default greeting.

    When attempting to leave a voicemail it lets them but it doesn't appear for me.

    Rebooted phone and when I hit voicemail it called me into a voice mail I was able to enter my password and get it, but it when I hang up I get my visual voicemail back. This is fine because I can just reboot my phone to get voicemail. However they don't show up in Visual voicemail.

    When I go into network and cellular data network its blank. I can use wifi for the time being but is this a carrier issue or an ultrasn0w issue. I seen this post:
    HTML Code:
    but it said everything is fine with 3Gs

    I'm new to this jailbreak thing and I now realize I should have waited until I got my hands on a SIM with aliant that has browsing working for sure, so until then i figured Id post this. If I missed anything let me know like I said Im new to this.

    I want to stay with carrier B because I'll be able to get service at work.

    Edit exact error:

    Could not activate cellular data network
    You are not subscribed to a cellular data service

    Edit 2:
    I also get this message when I open my text message window but I AM able to send/receive texts.

    Edit 3:
    It seems I only get the error opening my messages when WIFI is off. If I turn WIFI on, go to my messages there is no error. When attempting to browse I get a window that pops up but goes away quickly along the lines of it cant open the page then get the cellular data error

    Edit 4: Also tried starting phone in repair mode and using new profile instead if existing. Same issues.

    Edit: Fixed it!
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