Anyhow, just wondered if anyone has a similar case to mine.

I have a Telstra Locked iPhone 3G and as you may or may not know, the cost of unlocking it is a $150 fee! So I decided to unlock it via ultrasn0w, and I am currently using my TPG sim (On the Optus Network).

Now my problem is this: I can't get a 3G connection on my Optus sim. Edge or the "o" symbol works fine and I can connect to the internet fine. Now when I insert my telstra, 3G is working fine. I also tried this TPG sim of mine with another iPhone 3G (locked to Optus) and 3G connection was working fine. Again, it's not really a problem that I'm fussing over but just want to know if someone is in a similar situation as me and if it's resolvable. Cheers.