Hi Guys,

I am a little bit of a typical female when it comes to this sort of stuff, Im after somebody who can guide me on what I am doing wrong.

I have a 3GS locked to 3 Mobile here in Australia.
Jailbreak has shown me that my 3GS running OS 4.3.5 and b-band 5.16.02 cant be jailbroken, but it can be unlocked if i upgrade to b-band 6.
Im using a macbook pro, thanks to the i-dev team I have downloaded latest Pwnage Tool and iPad bundle for the b-band upgrade, but this is where I become a complete SPAZ.
My main issues are:
-I only want to change my b-band, but the bundle is for firmware 4.3somethingsomething. Is this going to matter?
- Everytime I 'Browse for IPSW', and select the iPad bundle, it says 'Wrong Firmware Selected'.
- Ive put the bundle in both the itunes resources folder and in the Pwnage Tool firmware folder - why wont it work?

I also downloaded Redsn0w and tried it this way, but it just sat there 'processing firmware bundle...' for a good hour and a half.

Please, can somebody tell me where I am going wrong here?????