Hi everyone

I have a iphone 3G jailbroken and unlocked with ultra snow. I have 3.0 and i need to keep my unlock to be on the carrier i am on.

I have been trying to use this app called ping which is free from the appstore and it doesn't seem to work with me. Ping is a messenger app btw. I found that by unlocking my iphone, i have lost the ability for push notifications to work because of some certifications for push to work.

I looked around the internet and found the dev team has created a temp fix a few months back for the push fix. Problem with this fix is it uses a generic uuid which causes a broadcast if i use ping. I also found a way to resolve my problem but it requires the following...

I need to do a restore, activate my iphone using an official carrier i got my iphone from (fido), obtain the 4 certificate files, then apparently need to restore again, then apply redsnow, or in this case pwnagetool, then use ultra snow to unlock and then i can use my rogers sim card.

Is all this necessary or is there a simpler way of doing this? Please note i am not trying to get a pirated app to work with my iphone, i'm trying to use this new free app from the appstore.

Any help is greatly appreciated