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Discuss Is it possible to unlock 4.0 and 05.13.04 at the Ultrasn0w (3G(S)/iPhone 4 unlock) -; ...
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    Default Is it possible to unlock 4.0 and 05.13.04

    Ok, here is my dilemma. I have an old 2g phone that I have unlocked multiple times.

    Trying to help a friend unlock a 3G he has. He accidentally upgraded to 4.1.

    Well when u upgrade to 4.1 it changes the baseband or something so that you cant unlock it (well not yet until new program comes out) so basically its just an ipod right now..

    he found another 3G from a friend that is currently sitting on 4.0 firmware with 05.13.04 baseband... just wants to confirm this will easily unlock and jailbreak for tmobile tzones...

    if so, what is the best solution? should be back it down to 3.1.2 or can we jailbreak the 4.0 thats on there now and unlock with ultrasn0w?

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    Please search before posting -- this is all old news.

    The 99.999999% answer is that he screwed himself by upgrading and has to wait (which is what you guys figured, hence swapping). The good news is there are two options to fix the one he just upgraded beyond just replacing it, one that is excruciatingly uncommon, and one that just involves more waiting:

    1) If he has one of the very very first 3Gs, he can use fuzzyband to downgrade his baseband. This is pretty much less than 1% of active 3G stock as far as my bad math guestimates go. Odds are that he doesn't, but it's a possibility, so it's listed.
    2) dev-team has already announced they should have an unlock for 3G/S soon after the 4.2 release -- and 4.2.1 was released last night or this morning, so hopefully he only has to wait a few days.

    Past that, remind him to use this as a learning experience -- if you rely on an unlock for phone service, *ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER* upgrade your phone to a new iOS until the dev-team releases tools to safely do so. If you ignore this warning, you'll find yourself with an expensive brick until the new tools are released! The only price you pay for jailbreaking is that you have to be patient -- it's a pretty cheap price to pay and worth paying

    All that said, if he's got a 3G with 05.13.04, he can use the latest ultrasn0w to unlock after upgrading to 4.0/4.1 -- instructions here:
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