Hi there!
Help would be really appreciated as Iam a little bit confused with the unlock for the iPhone 3GS on 3.1.3 with BB 5.12.01.

I unlocked my phone with ultrasn0w 0.93 today and was very pleased with the results, however I have noticed that the carrier network logo changed at the top left near the antenna display even though I did not change my sim.
In the settings, the phone says its on another network though the connection is still established by my regular carrier which sim Iam using.
Before the unlock it displayed my regular carriers name at the top, as network provider and as connection provider.
As Iam currently in Japan and have a japanese iPhone the regular carrier is Softbank, which would be displayed at the above mentioned spots in the phone. After the unlock it says NTT Docomo as the network provider, both at the top left and in the settings.
Does this affect anything at all? Was the phone locked to not display the real network it is on until the unlock?

I can call, surf the net, get mails, have gps and everything, however Iam curious if Iam still in the same old network I used to be before the unlock or if I am roaming and have to pay to be on a net I shouldnt be.

Oh, and I have choosen to use my regular carrier, Softbank, in the network provider settings where you can choose. I cant choose anything else. I have the option to switch to JP Docomo but that does not work and on the other hand I had that option before the unlock anyway.

Please help me clarify this problem.