Okay, so I have an iphone that was locked to Rogers Canada and I wanted to use it for Bell Canada. I installed redsnow and jailbroke the iPhone. Then I downloaded Ultrasnow and got it working with my friend's virgin simcard. Since they are basically the same company, i considered that success. I tried my simcard which was a 4g LTE (The virgin one was not) and it wouldn't work! I kept reading that my my baseband 5.15.04 was not supported with redsnow. I then did some searching and found bingner which apparently worked with any base band. I went through those steps and it said my sim was not supported in iTunes and no luck. I tried the virgin one again and now that one wasn't working!. I got frustrated and decided to try jailbreaking again because I read that redsnow actually has an option to upgrade to the ipad baseband. I first restored it in iTunes for a fresh start and BAM. My bell is now working and I am no longer jailbroken!!! What the hell? Can anyone explain???

Sorry for the long post. I'm just very curious and maybe people who were having the same issues as me could pick something up from it all!