I bought my Iphone 3G from O2 in the UK on pay as you go, and had to wait fro the 3.0 upgrade to unlock. I must say althought I was a bit nervous the preocess went perfect.

Red Sn)w then Ultrasnow through Cydia. I live in the Uk and work in Indonesia so I needed to use a Telekomsel sim card. The unlock has worked but the GPRS signal is not perfect no getting the internet very often. this is no big deal.

The main problem I do have though is the phone display goes off (as it should do) but it will not come back on. I cannot therefore ring up a call centre or business i cannot use the key pad as the screen will not come back. it sometimes comes back if i either press the powere button or the main button or both and I cant even cancel a call. so it has made the iphone reallyhard work to use as a phone.

Does anyone else have experience of this or is there an SBS, or Bigboss prefernce setting that may cure this. I personally feel the Ultras0w is getting in the way of the accelerometer.